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  • Cranbrook's hottest app!

    Cranbrook's hottest app!

    We always knew that Cranbrook's deer were organized, we just didn't know to what extent. Well, it appears that all those lost and missing smartphones are getting put to good use by the neighb

  • Cranbrook is a Constant

    Cranbrook is a Constant

    I first moved to Cranbrook in 1990, I was 10 years old. I went to Murial Baxter Elementary School, Laurie Junior High School, Mount Baker High School, and then to the College of the Rockies.

  • Sometimes a guy gets a break

    Sometimes a guy gets a break

    Sometimes a guy gets a break - actually, I've been getting breaks all my life but that's another story - and I got another one recently. A friend asked if my wife and I would accompany his tw

  • Cranbrook, the premium community

    Cranbrook, the premium community

    When did we stop being the premium offering? [Fort Steele](, gorgeous. The mountains, the river, heck even the grass smells better out there in addition to being green

  • Cranbrook is Not a Ski Town

    Cranbrook is Not a Ski Town

    Whatever you do, don't tell anyone that these photos were taken in the backcountry immediately surrounding Cranbrook BC. Let's just keep this between us. <img src="https://res.cloudinary.c

  • One good turn deserves another

    One good turn deserves another

    Each week since 1986 Gord Delamont has been climbing the clock tower, all 45 steps, to wind the mechanism by hand. In the early 1980s, Gord and his Father re-installed the mechanism, which ha

  • Star Wars and Bicycles

    Star Wars and Bicycles

    The thing that astounds me the most, I suppose, is that years later, I’m still noticing things I haven’t seen yet. I’ve never been one to blindly honor the number of years a person has r

  • Ironology


    Paul Reimer, the internationally acclaimed and locally revered blacksmith known for such works as he Spirit Tree outside the Royal Bank along with the book sculptures at the Cranbrook Public

  • The real top 17 things to do in Cranbrook!

    The real top 17 things to do in Cranbrook!

    Trip Advisor recently posted a [top 17(?) ]( things to do in Cranbrook list. I am

  • Isla's Trail-a-bike tour

    Isla's Trail-a-bike tour

    My little girl and I touring around Cranbrook. A short trip from our house, up the hill and back again. {youtube:gRa8Bs9YmjE}

  • Choose progress over perfect

    Choose progress over perfect

    This is my placeholder page