If you have been paying attention to the amazing series BC Was Awesome, you might want to keep paying attention. If you haven't, you might want to catch up.

This past weekend, Bob Kronbauer and crew were in town nosing around in the Cranbrook History Centre and the Canadian Museum of Rail Travel, filming for the upcoming season.

Here are a few sneak peaks from Bob's Instagram.




Ever seen a lynx in the wild in BC? I have, 4 years ago on a trail with my friend @duncangillespielewis. We had just come from fishing and I was holding a salmon by the gills while walking the kilometre or so back to our car near Squamish. A mother #lynx crossed the path 20 feet in front of us and we both froze as a little one poked its head out then back into the bush, not crossing. We'd both grown up hearing stories about not getting between a wild animal and its offspring (because it will kill you), and as I reached quickly into my pocket Duncan asked "Are you getting your camera?", to which I reaponded "No dude, my knife!". We stood there on the path for a few minutes, me with my useless knife in one hand and salmon in the other, Duncan with his spey rod, and eventually decided the kitten wasn't going to cross and that we might as well just gun it. We ran back to the car and the whole time I kept thinking about how much better of a meal we would be to the cats than my fish would be to us.

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