Well, it is time to vote again. For those of you who may not know your Yvonnes from your Toms or what a Randal or Keith is, we are here for you.

No political rhetoric, just some quick questions to attach a human being to all the beautiful signs that line our many roadways. We posed the same 5 questions to all 4 Kootenay East candidates and will publish them as we get them back.

Today we will start it all off with Keith Komar The BC Libertarian Party candidate for Kootenay East.

1. You have a free afternoon in Cranbrook, the sun is shining, the blue jays shrieking and nothing on your schedule for the next 5 hours, what do you do?

As a child, on those days I would go to Balmont Park and watch a ball game, or if there wasn't one to watch, we would play catch or a small game. Today, I would enjoy a few hours down at the Greenbelt, soaking in the sun by Joseph's Creek. Possibly a trip up to Idlewild for a walk or maybe a quick fish. For that matter, Jim Smith is always a great stop on a sunny day. The water is refreshing and the gophers and ducks add to the ambiance.

2. What hidden gem do you want people to know about Cranbrook?

There are so many here......... This valley is a valley of hidden gems. But my most favourite hidden gem in Cranbrook is the community itself. The people who live here, whether they are born in the valley, or have emigrated.....are the most friendly, loving people I have met.

3. Walk around Elizabeth Lake, mini golf at Elizabeth Lake Lodge, or have coffee with someone named Elizabeth?

I would take the walk. If I am golfing I prefer 18 at the Cranbrook Golf Course (It's narrow but it's fun)n to a round of mini putt, and I don't know any Elizabeths off hand, so that makes it a bit awkward for that coffee.

4. What sets Cranbrook apart from other towns in your riding, what makes it great, how could it improve?

What sets Cranbrook apart from the rest of the riding is that it is the hub of the valley. As goes Cranbrook, so does the East Kootenays. What makes it great....The people for sure. To me there is no other place as inviting as Cranbrook. How would I improve Cranbrook? I would get people back to work here. We need jobs. Full time, long term employment.

5. We know that you love the East Kootenay – otherwise you wouldn't be running for office – what makes this area so special to you?

I was born here at the hospital in 1971. Dr. McIver (Glen not Kevin... I went to school with Kevin) saved my life as a baby. I played hockey with Jon Klemm, Jason Marshall, Corey Spring and the rest of the great players from that era. My parents ran the T&C back when it was the hot spot of the Kootenays. It is and always will be my home. I want to see it thrive again, like it did when I was a child here.

Thanks Keith for indulging us with a little snapshot into who you are. All the best in the final days before May 9.