Well, it is time to vote again. For those of you who may not know your Yvonnes from your Toms or what a Randal or Keith is, we are here for you.

No political rhetoric, just some quick questions to attach a human being to all the beautiful signs that line our many roadways. We posed the same 5 questions to all 4 Kootenay East candidates and will publish them as we get them back.

Now it is time for round two, this time with Randal Macnair of the BC NDP.

1. You have a free afternoon in Cranbrook, the sun is shining, the blue jays shrieking and nothing on your schedule for the next 5 hours, what do you do?

I’d start by popping into Lotus Books to pick up a good read by a local author. Browsing and chatting there would take 30 minutes or so which would leave lots of time to read and explore. I’m assuming it is a summer Saturday so I head to the Cranbrook Farmer’s Market to check out the local produce and goods before settling into Rotary Park to crack open my book and read in the sun. At the park I chat with passers-by and enjoy the Cranbrook’s famous sun on my face. After a couple of hours a change of scenery and a coffee would be in order so I’d take my book to KRC and settle into a big couch and get through another chapter or two. That’s my idea of a well-spent afternoon, good people, a good read and some good food and drink.

2. What hidden gem do you want people to know about Cranbrook?

The Key City Theatre is a gem but not exactly hidden. I love the fact that when I go to a show or event at Key City I see people from all over the region. We need to celebrate Key City as the anchor it is to attract people to Cranbrook and the entire East Kootenay. I tell my friends from the coast to the prairies about what a fabulous theatre we have here in our mountain home. World-class comedy, music, ballet and local talent is right here on our doorstep.

3. Walk around Elizabeth Lake, mini golf at Elizabeth Lake Lodge, or have coffee with someone named Elizabeth?

Walk around Elizabeth Lake with someone named Elizabeth or, more likely, Lisa.

4. What sets Cranbrook apart from other towns in your riding, what makes it great, how could it improve?

Cranbrook is the hub, it’s where everyone in the region comes to for shopping, entertainment, sports and more. We all rely on Cranbrook and the services and amenities it provides yet we are interconnected and support one another. When I first moved to the region I had the pleasure of working at the then Canadian Museum of Rail Travel for a year and the thing I really came to appreciate was the people. People in Cranbrook can sometimes be too hard on their City, it’s a great place bursting with opportunity. I see so much potential in the young people of Cranbrook, they are building the community in new and exciting ways. If we harness the kind of energy that I see every time I visit the Cranbrook Farmer’s Market Cranbrook’s future will shine bright.

5. We know that you love the East Kootenay – otherwise you wouldn't be running for office – what makes this area so special to you?

What makes the East Kootenay special to me is the fact that it is a great place to raise children. We have many of the amenities of a city tucked away in our various communities yet we have wilderness and recreation right out our door. You can ski and mountain bike or go sledding and fish in the same day. Arts, great food, music, hockey and history peek out at you from around every corner so there is truly something for everyone. You know your neighbour and can be assured they are looking out for you and your family and you are doing the same. A park full of kids on a sunny day or a hike in some of the most glorious mountains on the planet.

Thanks Randal for indulging us with a little snapshot into who you are. All the best in the final days before May 9.