We scoured the globe to find similar areas to Cranbrook that have large deer populations, trucks, trees, and pot holes: everything that makes Cranbrook, Cranbrook. 

We ended up finding it. Japan. You might be thinking "Cranbrook has nothing in common with Japan." I'm here to prove to you that we are one and the same. 

Exhibit 1. 

Lifted trucks. Quintessentially Cranbrook. 

Exhibit 2. 

Historic trains. Fort Steele has a train just like this, right?

Exhibit 3.

Crosswalks. We have a at least ten of these. 

Exhibit 4.


A strip of shops, with a McDonalds. Need I say more?

Now to the solution to our deer problem.

As I have shown, Cranbrook and Japan are very similar indeed. However, this has yet to solve our crisis. The city of Nara, East of Osaka, is home to hundreds of deer that coexist with the residents, and tourists of the city. They have become a popular tourist attraction, an accessory to Todai-Ji and Kofuku-Ji temples. Over the last few centuries, the people of Nara have fed the deer: the opposite of what we are told to do. It seems to have worked as now the deer are gentle creatures that love resting below the cherry blossoms and getting treats from passers by. Some residents have even taken to training the deer.

I myself felt at home giving this deer a good neck scratching, we became good friends and took a few selfies together after. 

In conclusion, we need to be friends with the deer of Cranbrook, show that we can coexist, they're even good with kids!