Welcome home Joel.

Joel Robison

When Joel Robison knew that he was coming home for a visit he reached out to CranbrookCity.com to help organize a photographic walk through town, as a way of connecting with some familiar faces and get to know some new ones. This will be a casual walk through the streets and back alleys of Cranbrook to help encourage the participants to see this town for all that it is. Sometimes unpolished, sometimes surprising, sometimes just what you were looking for, but always beautiful as long as you can find the beauty. We will be meeting at the Clock Tower at 7:00 pm Wednesday July 13 and moving out shortly thereafter. After a good exploration session of the surrounding areas we will reconvene at The Heid Out for some refreshments and lively chatter (unless the crowd is too big, then we will probably just post up at Rotary Park). This will be a super chill activity with chances to meet new people and explore your creative side. All pretence must be left at home. We really can’t wait to meet you all.